Tim Pollak
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Tim Pollak

Tim is a partner in Reason inc. He serves on two boards, one public and one private. After graduating with a B.A. from Dartmouth and an M.B.A. from Columbia, Tim began his career in advertising in 1968 with Doyle Dane Bernbach, where he learned from arguably the greatest creative director of them all, Bill Bernbach.

Four years later, looking for new and different challenges, he went into political campaign consulting, again choosing to work directly with one of the acknowledged masters, David Garth. It was a heady and exhausting six-year experience, culminating in the against-all-odds victory by Ed Koch for Mayor of New York City.

Tim then went back into consumer advertising, joining Young & Rubicam. There, his career took a number of interesting turns, from domestic account management to head of new business to general agency management to worldwide director of client services. Constantly traveling, he became a specialist in global accounts, leading Y&Rís efforts to consolidate both the Colgate-Palmolive and Citibank accounts Ė net incremental annual revenues of $75 MM. He served as CEO of Y&Rís flagship New York office and of HDM Worldwide, an agency network jointly owned by Y&R, Dentsu and Havas. He was a director of Y&R Inc. for ten years, a vice-chairman for six years, and a member of the corporate executive committee.

After 30 years, Tim had enough of corporate life, and he became a consultant, a writer and an entrepreneur. He has advised domestic and international consumer product and media companies, advertising agencies, sports agents and private equity investors. He is an active co-founder of a company that creates business products, processes and systems utilizing digital communications.

Tim and his family divide their time between the Upper West Side and the East End of Long Island.

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