Reason-Based Strategy Development

Conventional branding operates on the premise that what holds true for image-driven product categories can be applied across the board: that intangibles can substitute for tangible differentiators. But image-driven categories are the exception, not the rule - and in the vast majority of categories, consumers choose on tangible benefits.

Reason inc.'s proprietary strategy method dispenses with the false premises of conventional branding. We see a brand for what it is: neither an end in itself, nor a means to an end but a byproduct of consistent delivery against a relevant tangible benefit. That's why we focus on what really matters: identifying tangible benefits and leveraging them into strategies that motivate behavior.


  • Behavioral platform for all marketing activity starting with objectives
  • Strategy development, using our proprietary method
  • Competitive analyses
  • Internal audits
  • Marketing management counsel
  • Strategy off-sites
  • Marketing communications assessment
  • Value propositions
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