Our Commitment

Marketing services are rife with ethically questionable practices — conflicts-of-interest, lack of confidentiality or bait-and-switch. From the outset, Reason inc. has lived up to an altogether different standard: demonstrated commitment to ethics.

Strict confidentiality: Solutions to marketing problems should be treated as trade secrets. Accordingly, we don't use case histories to solicit new business, or identify clients to third parties without their express permission.

No conflicts-of-interest: For a strategic advisor, to be credible is to be objective and to be objective is to be free of conflicts-of-interest. Our golden rule is not to put ourselves in a position to profit from our own recommendations. Accordingly, we don't up-sell marketing services such as marketing communications creative work or market research.

Having skin in the game: Whenever possible, we invest 20% of our compensation in a client's company. In cases where direct equity grants are technically complicated (e.g. certain public companies), we invest 20% of our regular compensation in client company shares.

What you see is what you get: There's no bait-and-switch. We are a partners-only firm.

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