The value of a true strategy firm lies in a deep understanding of strategy on the one hand, and breadth of experience on the other. We take great care to work with a varied group of clients at any given time. Many of our clients are Fortune 500; others are startups. Our work is evenly split between b-to-c and b-to-b. Since launching in 2001, we have worked with clients such as:

  • Cable news network
  • Global private equity firm
  • Interactive technology firm (leader in its space)
  • Foreign government/political
  • Foreign government/tourism
  • New York City newspaper
  • Entertainment cable network (multiple)
  • Human resources/staffing agency
  • Global marketing communications (U.S. strategy)
  • Health care services startup
  • Bulge-bracket investment bank
  • Global leading online university
  • Leading global media holding company
  • Automotive company (U.S. operations)
  • International packaged goods firm
  • Leading global business magazine group
  • U.S. Federal government
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