We believe a marketing investment is like any other investment: its only justification is the expectation of a financial return.
We are so confident in the Reason inc. method that we invest 20% of our compensation in our clients' companies.

Conventional wisdom in the marketing services industry has it that building a brand is the ultimate goal of marketing. A great brand, we have all been told, is the product of an emotional connection that is rooted in intangibles. This view is divorced from the reality of the marketplace. It is to marketing what mortgage-backed securities are to financial instruments and it's no coincidence that both are now falling out of favor.

The big question, in marketing as in the economy, is: "what next"? At Reason inc., we've been delivering the "what next" for the past eight years with a proprietary method that focuses on tangible benefits and yields tangible business results. Speaking of the economy: we urged our Forbes.com readers and clients to factor a recession into their planning back in September, 2006.

Marketing and business objectives aren't achieved by influencing attitudes or awareness, but only by motivating behavior required to achieve a defined business objective. Accordingly, behavior is the only justification for any marketing theory, strategy, or activity.

We partner with clients toward a singular goal: developing and implementing strategies that motivate behavior - and, in doing so, achieve real-world business success. Our method encompasses both the creation and communication of relevant, motivating differentiation. We operate in three practice areas: